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ParentsLahamu and Lahmu
Consortsister Kishar

Anshar, also spelled Anšar (Akkadian: 𒀭𒊹 AN.ŠAR2,[1] Neo-Assyrian: Rassam cylinder Anshar AN.ŠAR2,[2] meaning "whole heaven"), was a primordial god in the Babylonian creation myth Enuma Elish. His consort is Kishar which means "Whole Earth".[3] They were the children of Lahamu and Lahmu and the grandchildren of Tiamat and Apsû. They, in turn, are the parents of Anu, the god of heaven, lord of constellations, king of gods, spirits and demons.[4]

During the Neo-Assyrian period, Anshar was often equated with Ashur, the patron deity and namesake of the Assyrian Empire.


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