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To create an easy to use and uniquely organized reference site. The site is built to educate and provide reference material to biblical and extra biblical information. Learning extra biblical topics helps the reader to better understand the Bible itself. Topics include the History and Civilization of Bible times and times of the Church.

Extra Biblical Content

Extra-biblical content is information obtained from encyclopedias, dictionaries, websites, or sources other than the Bible itself. Extra-biblical content helps fill in the blanks of your Bible studies.

Wikipedia Content

To start content is sourced from Wikipedia. Most articles have a large number of references and sources to support the information.

Cleaning the Articles

Since Bibleciv.org endeavors to provide information from a Biblical Christian perspective many articles from Wikipedia need to be modified to remove text that goes against that directive. Many articles in Wikipedia are edited to contain weasel words or atheistic perspectives. There are also many articles with information from an Islamic perspective. Most of this is removed when placed into Bibleciv.org.

Red Links/Blue Links

On BibleCiv.org and most wiki systems there are red links and blue links. Red links are articles that do not exist on the site. These articles may or may not eventually be created. Blue/Purple links are links to existing articles on the site. You can navigate throughout BibleCiv.org by clicking various blue/purple links.