Papyrus 9

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Papyrus <math>\mathfrak{P}</math>9
New Testament manuscript
1 John 4:11-12,14-17
1 John 4:11-12,14-17
NameP. Oxy. 402
Text1 John 4 †
Date3rd century
FoundOxyrhynchus, Egypt
Now atHoughton Library
CiteGrenfell & A. S. Hunt, Oxyrhynchus Papyri III (1903), pp. 2-3
Size8 x 5.2 c, [11 x 15]
TypeAlexandrian text-type

Papyrus 9 (in the Gregory-Aland numbering), signed by <math>\mathfrak{P}</math>9, and named Oxyrhynchus papyri 402, is an early copy of the New Testament in Greek. It is a papyrus manuscript of the First Epistle of John, dating paleographically to the early 3rd century.[1]


Grenfell and Hunt
Bernard Grenfell Arthur Hunt

Papyrus <math>\mathfrak{P}</math>9 was discovered by Bernard Pyne Grenfell and Arthur Surridge Hunt in Oxyrhynchus, Egypt. Papyrus <math>\mathfrak{P}</math>9 is currently housed at the Houghton Library, Harvard University, Semitic Museum Inv. 3736, Cambridge (Massachusetts).[1][2]

The surviving text is a fragment of one leaf containing verses 4:11-12,14-17, written in one column per page. The original codex had 16 lines per page. The text on the manuscript was written very carelessly, evidenced by the crude and irregular handwriting, and the manuscript contains some unintelligible spellings.[1]


The Greek text of this codex is representative of the Alexandrian text-type. Aland placed it in Category I.[3] The manuscript is too brief for certainty.


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